The Hustlers and Split/Image (DVD)
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The Hustlers and Split/Image (DVD)

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Blond and beautiful Steve Kaye stars in two 1980s videos by acclaimed director Wakefield Poole, available for the first time on DVD.

First up is The Hustlers, co-starring hunky David Dodge. Originally conceived as a more mainstream film for Casey Donovan and actor Robert LeTourneaux (Boys in the Band), The Hustlerseventually became a low-budget, but highly arousing, look at the adventures of two hustlers in a relationship.

This Special VHS Edition DVD also contains Poole’s Split/Image. While being photographed for magazine cover shots, hot male models—a backpacker, a jogger, and a swimmer—reveal to us their specific fantasies, leaving nothing to our imaginations. Featuring Casey Donovan as “Daddy,” Split/Image is exciting vintage 1980s erotica.

This VHS Edition DVD is created from the only available sources for these rare videos. The image quality varies, but can best be described as having the nostalgic look and feel of VHS tapes.

Contains English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (SDH) on both features.