Moving! / One, Two, Three DVD (The Films of Wakefield Poole)
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Moving! / One, Two, Three... (DVD)

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Moving!/One, Two, Three... presents two classic works of vintage gay porn plus specially produced documentaries featuring Wakefield Poole and others revealing the stories behind the films.

Moving!, Wakefield Poole’s fourth feature film, was originally made for 8mm mail order, but proved so successful that it was released theatrically as well. Told in three vignettes based in homes, motels, and apartments, Moving! reunited Poole with his Boys in the Sand stars Casey Donovan and Peter Fisk, and proved highly controversial.

Presented uncut for the first time on DVD and remastered from the original 16mm negative, Moving! is a visual feast. It was one of the first gay films to show graphic scenes of fisting and was censored almost immediately after its initial release. Since then, it has rarely screened intact.

The first section, “House for Sale,” features an intense encounter between Casey Donovan and Val Martin around a lush pool on a Los Angeles estate. In “Rooms for Rent,” two young man share a motel shower and bed. And in the final sequence, “Apartment for Rent,” Peter Fisk materializes in an empty San Francisco apartment to initiate a young man into the pleasures of extreme sexuality.

Another example of Wakefield Poole’s stunning erotic film work, Moving! is once again available to thrill a new generation of audiences.

The last completed film of Wakefield Poole, One, Two, Three... is both simple and experimental. With no sets to distract the viewer, One, Two, Three... contains a hot solo by J.D. Slater, a duo between Dave Connors and young, blond Steve Kaye (who also appears in Poole’s Split Images), and ends with an intense three way featuring a trio of stunning men.

Originally intended as a fund-raising vehicle for AIDS organizations, One, Two, Three... quickly vanished from theaters after star Dave Connors committed suicide. With its minimal visual style, dramatic lighting, and innovative soundtrack, One, Two, Three... makes its DVD debut and invites viewers into a world of pleasure that is anything but simple.

Moving!/One, Two Three… DVD contains:

  • Two digitally remastered uncut feature films
  • Mini-documentaries on the films featuring interviews with Wakefield Poole and others

NTSC - Region Free